Thursday, December 11, 2008

I like Christmas

I've done about as well with blogging this year as I have with my New Year's resolution to eat healthier. Having said that, I'd like to begin this wonderful and therapeutic process known as blogging once again. My blogs may not be as deep or profound as in times past (not that anybody really thinks they were, I tend to have an inflated ego at times), but I'm learning that very few people read blogs for the sheer educational value. Most read blogs for entertainment, debate, or discussion about common interests. And of course there are those who simply like to blog about what they had for breakfast (and those who find it absolutely fascinating to read what the person had for breakfast).

Today, I just wanted to say that I love Christmas. Oh no, I don't love all the commercialization, the stress, or the insistence of the local radio stations to begin playing carols in October. But I do love the whole idea of Christmas. Yes, I know, I's not in the bible and it's not one of the Jewish feasts mentioned in the Old Testament (don't forget the NT commands us not to judge one another in the observance of feast days and such). But the great thing about Christmas for me; besides getting to preach about the incarnation and the virgin birth (two topics that are normally reserved for December....but I digress) is that people tend to think about doing nice things for other people during the holidays.

One of the teachings of Jesus that Luke recorded in Acts (but not in the Gospels...just in case you're ever playing bible trivia or get a shot at being on Jeopardy) is that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).