Sunday, January 06, 2008

Has it really been months since my last blog?????

I can hardly believe we are full-swing into the year 2008! Furthermore, I was shocked when I logged on to my blog to find it had been months since my last entry. Sure, the holidays have been busy, and the demands of ministry are ever-increasing....but I think the greatest explanation lies in my lack of inspiration. I'm not one of those who enjoys blogging about what I had for breakfast, or being overly open about the details of my personal life (no offense intended if you are such an individual....just not my cup of tea).

I feel that if I take the time to write something, it should be at least minutely inspirational and uplifting, or perhaps lead you to deeper pontification or self-examination. Honestly, I haven't felt many of those moments lately, so I have spared those in cyberspace the agony of reading my uninspiring entries (until now that is....). I've probably lost some readers due to my absence (shucks...who can blame 'em?), but I have to prioritize my life, and quite frankly...blogging has been very low on my list of priorities.

I apologize if I have let you down in any way. It's awfully presumptuous of me to think anyone actually receives a blessing from reading these entries, but you never know who is reading over your shoulders. So for those who perhaps faithfully read my blog in the past, please accept my sincere apology for not offering fresh content. Right now I am re-evaluating many things in my life, and trying to simplify as much as possible. Therefore, I'm not going to make any promises (as I have impulsively done before) to "do better" when it comes to regular blogging in 2008.

Instead, I'm going to resolve to blog only as I feel I have something substantial to offer. I earnestly covet your prayers as I strive to the best husband, father, Christian, and pastor in this new year. That may mean less time for activities like blogging, internet forums, and the like- but I'm approaching this year without any preconceived notions. Thanks for all of the support over the years and for those who have read but never "wrote back" to tell me so. Even without your feedback, your readership has been (and is) appreciated.

All the best!